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Monday, December 18, 2006

Pole Dancing is Hot! Learn with Pole Position by Exoticise

So you wanna pole dance? If you like what you see, register for class today!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006


"Say the word "sensuality" and most people immediately think of sex. Many people confuse the terms sensuality and sexuality, thinking they are synonymous. Certainly, there are areas of overlap: for instance, one might wish to be a sensual lover, to bring one's sensuality into the lovemaking process, thus combining the sensual with the sexual experience. Sensuality is a key ingredient for richer sexual expression. However, while sensuality seems an essential part of good sex, sexuality is not the only arena for sensual expression. Sensuality is something much broader. Beginning with awareness, sensuality encompasses the exploration and experiencing of all our senses. " Taken from The Art of Sensuality: Awareness, Presence, Exploration of the Senses, and Gratitude read the full article>>

Sensuality, one of the key tenets in the E-Fitness philosophy. Sensuality is such simple word, but oh so powerful! The feel of a flower petal against your skin. The sensation of a soft kiss on the shoulder or gently placed on the nape of the neck. The sweet taste of a juice strawberry dipped in chocolate on the tongue while deprived of the sense of sight. The enchanting sound of a sultry groove both relaxing and creating stage for romance. The intoxicating aroma of an incense, perfume or scented candle. Sensuality is all about engaging the senses and how when they are each addressed it takes an intimate experience to another level!

We truly emphasize that Exoticise is not about sex. However, it is about sensuality. Every aspect of our program from the song selection for a class or workshop to the lighting & decor in the studio, to which scent fills the room during an experience is orchestrated. Too often we hurry through life not truly appreciating everything around us. How often to you wonder at the majesty of a full moon? Do really value the crisp smell of freshly fallen leaves or enjoy the intoxicating smell of a summer rain? As we head into winter, so you frown at the thought of snow or feel giddy from the sensation of a snowflake on your eyelashes? Let's make it more personal, when take a shower do you hurry through the bathing process or languidly savor the feel of the washcloth or loofah against your skin? Do you have a personalized afterbath oil that you carefully apply all over your body or do you hastily lather lotion right before you start getting dressed?

Take some time to explore your senses. Perhaps you treat yourself to a cashmere sweater and feel the soft fabric against your skin. Try a fragrant Warm Spirit Soy Candle and fill your home with a beautiful scent. Give your eyes a treat, visit an art store and get a beautiful piece to hang in your living room. Find small ways to make everything you experience a little better. The next time you come to an Exoticise class really listen to the music, feel the beat, lose yourself in the rhythm, don't be afraid to touch your body and note how your hands feel as they glide across your neck, chest, arms and in your hair. Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate the gorgeous image you project as you dip, turn, move to the beat. Make the experience more than a workout, make it a sensual journey!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006


It's been about 6 months since we got started with this project and it has been wonderful. People are seeing changes in their lives and we are making an impact. There have been those who question the thought of Exotic Dance being empowering for women, when historically (recently at least) Exotic Dancers/Strippers have been seen as questionable.

So how do we claim to uplift by promoting that which has been the cause of so much shame?